Friday, November 26, 2010

Day Three Hundred&TwentyEight

Happy Thanksgiving all! 
I got to do something last night that I have been wanting to do for a few years but was never able...
...See the Plaza Lights turn on!!
It was soooo fantastic.  I may or may not have teared up a little.
What made it even better was the fact that my parents, Mom and Bill, were there to share it with me.

Here are the stats:
Camera:  Canon EOS 30D
Lens:  Canon 28-135mm
F-stop:  f/3.5
Exposure time:  1/40 sec.
ISO speed:  ISO-1600
Focal Length:  28mm
No Flash


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day Three Hundred&TwentySeven (and such)

No more excuses.  I keep getting behind on this blog and I am trying my best.  I appreciate the support everyone has extended towards me and my efforts. haha
Here are a few things that have happened the past week:

One of my dreams came true... 
I got to meet Anthony Green of Circa Survive and received a photo pass for their concert at The Beaumont Club with Dredg and CodeSeven. 
Front row.
Past the guards.
Being sweat on my some of my favorite musicians... (okay, that may be a little much, but it was sweeeet.)
I can't even begin to describe how epic the night was.  I was covered in hives all night from being so amped up and nervous at the same time.
A lot of people have asked me why Circa is so important to me...  It seems like every time they come out with an album, I am going through something really big in my life.  And every album, without fail, has helped me through those times like nothing else in my life.  Their music has touched my life and my heart and I appreciate the blood, sweat and tears they put into every song on every album.
Anyways!!  Here are a few shots from the show.  The first shot is of Anthony and myself, taken by my awesome friend, Rachel.

Anthony Green and Yours Truly



Circa Survive

Circa Survive

Circa Survive

Circa Survive

Circa Survive

Circa Survive
This has also happened:
I moved into my very first place alllll by myself!
Layne and I moved into separate places down the street from our old place and right next to each other.
I moved into a one bedroom house that is perfect for one person.
Here is a sneak peek into my little living situation.  :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  I hope I post before then, but if you have been here since day one, you know how that goes. haha

Heart you all!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Days Three Hundred&Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen

I had an awesome family shoot with my good friends Sarah Lear and Ben Manley today, along with their brother, Jeff and their Mom!
The weather may have been a little cold, but the overcast made for awesome lighting.
Absolutely love working with Sarah and her family and look forward to more shoots in the future with them.  :-)

Here are the stats:
(top photo)
Camera:  Canon EOS 30D
Lens:  Canon 28-135mm
F-stop:  f/6.3
Exposure time:  1/30 sec.
ISO speed:  ISO-640
Focal Length:  28mm
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day Three Hundred&Fourteen

I know Veterans Day isn't until tomorrow, but whos bright idea was it to praise Veterans for only one day out of the year?

I am very thankful and proud of the men and women who I have known throughout the years that have fought for our Freedom.
Just to name a few...
My Grandpa:  The late Roy Gildart
My Dad:  Steve Jabben
My Step-Dad:  Bill Lowry
My Brother:  Christopher Hinshaw
My Uncles:  Randy Gildart and Chris Jabben
Cousins:  Derek and Jess Jabben and Matt Denney
And MANY many more friends and family that have served.
Take some time tomorrow (or today and every day) to thank a Veteran or Service Member...
...they are the reason you are able to read this...
...they are the reason I am able to write this...

Here are the stats:
Camera:  Canon EOS 30D
Lens:  Canon 28-135mm
F-stop:  f/4.5
Exposure time:  1/13 sec.
ISO speed:  ISO-1600
Focal Length:  28mm
No Flash


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day Two Hundred&NinetyOne thru Day Three Hundred&Thirteen

So many wonderful things have been going on!
So now is the time to share it with you all!

First off, I would like you to meet Herman!  Layne and I's porch dwelling monster.

Halloween Weekend was a HUGE weekend.  Firstly, I went home to participate in one of the best traditions ever!!... Neewollah!

The Jabben Corner!

Beginning of the Parade!


Mom and Uncle Ricky
After the parade I drove alllllllll the way back to KC to hang out with some awesome friends for Halloween.
Pre-game was at my house where, of course, we set up a photo shoot!

The Group!

Captain The Chad

The Mad-Hatter to my Cheshire Cat
After an eventful night wearing awful shoes made by the devil himself, I had a day full of family shoots at my friend Jami's house!

Big William

Jami and her Hubby

Hammers Family and one of my fav photos


Sara and Haylie
Hope you enjoy!! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day Two Hundred&Ninety

I had a great trip to the Pumpkin Patch with The Brunkows today!
Isabella is a complete doll but don't let it fool you!  She is a dare devil!  She is not afraid of anything including leaping off of a trailer full of Mum's into her daddy's arms. 
What a great day with a great family!

Here are the stats:
Camera:  Canon EOS 30D
Lens:  Canon 28-135mm
F-stop:  f/7.1
Exposure time:  1/125 sec.
ISO speed:  ISO-400
Focal Length:  28mm
No Flash


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day Two Hundred&EightyNine

Had a wonderful shoot with this little guy, Jordon.
He was so awesome to work with and even showed me his muscles.

Here are the stats:
Camera:  Canon EOS 30D
Lens:  Canon 28-135mm 
F-stop:  f/5
Exposure time:  1/400 sec.
ISO speed:  ISO-400
Focal Length:  28mm
No Flash