Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day Two Hundred&NinetyOne thru Day Three Hundred&Thirteen

So many wonderful things have been going on!
So now is the time to share it with you all!

First off, I would like you to meet Herman!  Layne and I's porch dwelling monster.

Halloween Weekend was a HUGE weekend.  Firstly, I went home to participate in one of the best traditions ever!!... Neewollah!

The Jabben Corner!

Beginning of the Parade!


Mom and Uncle Ricky
After the parade I drove alllllllll the way back to KC to hang out with some awesome friends for Halloween.
Pre-game was at my house where, of course, we set up a photo shoot!

The Group!

Captain The Chad

The Mad-Hatter to my Cheshire Cat
After an eventful night wearing awful shoes made by the devil himself, I had a day full of family shoots at my friend Jami's house!

Big William

Jami and her Hubby

Hammers Family and one of my fav photos


Sara and Haylie
Hope you enjoy!! 

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